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Car 6

Night Moves Book

Coming Soon!

Night Moves the book is a labor of love.

Don Martin, CEO of Aquarius Media Network, contacted me in March and asked me if I would be interested in making a book based off the blog.

I went to work on writing a book and the first draft was completed by August. From there the team work began. We created what we hope is a wonderful memoir type story with lessons leaned about life that may inspire others or at least get some very needed and uncomfortable conversations happening.

Many of the stories in the blog are in the book, but they are vastly expanded along with stories I never told here for personal reasons.

It is honest, it is raw, it pulls no punches and I do hope that you purchase a copy and enjoy it. As soon as we have a release date, we will announce it here and provide links.

For new readers to the blog, please understand that most of the blog entries were written in the taxi from a cell phone. It kept it raw and real. The downside was that it was always brief and grammar suffered due to a combination of autocorrect, fat thumbs and a constant state of being overtired. I often thought of correcting it, but I wanted to leave the entries as they were. In the book, I had the luxury of crafting a story with integrity and also tell it in a fashion that is readable.

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